Experience the Russian River Valley like never before. Through this guided pairing, you will taste through the exemplary Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of Benovia winery side-by-side with cheeses from Bohemian Creamery, made right in the Russian River Valley. Learn about what makes the region so unique for wine and how wine and cheese complement each other so well. Enjoy by yourself or share with your friends and family as there will be plenty of wine and cheese to enjoy!

Included in this tasting are:

– Access to the Live Guided Tasting with Winemaker Mike Sullivan of Benovia Winery and Cheese Maker Lisa Goettich of Bohemian Creamery
– 1 bottle of 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
– 1 bottle of 2018 Russian River Valley Chardonnay
– 1/4lb Shred Head – Hard Cow Cheese
– 1/4lb Flower Power – Creamy Cow Cheese
– 1/4lb Bodacious – Goat Cheese

All packages include complimentary 2-day Air shipping to ensure freshness of cheese. Use cod VIRTUAL to receive your complimentary shipping. Packages will be shipped 3 days before the Zoom on May 17th.

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