Balanced and Expressive Limited Production Wines

We aim for nuanced aromatics, alluring texture and age-worthiness in our wines. We harvest by night to prevent oxidation and ensure firm fruit that’s vibrant with color and acidity. Winemaker and Co-owner Mike Sullivan tailors the winemaking process to the character of each lot of grapes, having tasted the fruit as it ripens, and determines how he’ll utilize certain vinification techniques to achieve the best expression of each vineyard site.

We employ native fermentations and judicious use of fine-grained, low-toast French oak for aging. We do not fine or filter our red wines, and we allow our Chardonnay to progress partially through malolactic fermentation until it reaches an exquisite point of tension. The end results are wines that are delicious now and will improve with age.

A Fine Balance

We have a foot in the Old World and a foot in the New World. We strive for elegance as well as a sense of place.

— Mike Sullivan
Benovia RRV Pinot Noir 1000x

Pinot Noir

In every glass of Benovia Pinot Noir you’ll taste an unrelenting passion for world class winemaking that artfully captures the unique expression of a time and a place ranging from the classic character of the Old World to a more modern expression.

Benovia Chardonnay 1000x


Our Chardonnays are harvested from the cool climates of the Russian River Valley and Fort Ross-Seaview AVAs. Light-toast French oak barrel aging and attentive supervision of the natural fermentation process results in highly expressive and nicely balanced Chardonnays, with an incredibly refined texture, minerality and bright finish.

Benovia Zinfandel 1000x

Other Selections

Located in the heart of the Russian River Valley, our Estate vineyards are ideally suited for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and are our flagship varietals. However, we are equally proud to make Sparkling Wine, an expressive Zinfandel from gnarled vines on our organically-certified heritage Cohn Estate Vineyard planted in 1970 as well as Grenache from the Four Brothers vineyard on Sonoma Mountain, farmed by Winemaker Mike Sullivan’s family.